Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nothing in the World Like a Nana

These two have had a special bond since the beginning.  There is something about a grandma and grandbaby that is different than any other relationship I've witnessed.  I can't put words to is just simply amazing.

It has been such a joy to share my daughter with my mom, and to finally understand that connection between a mother and her child, even through the roughest spots of our lives.  Through Anna, I can understand so many things about my relationship with my mom.  Like, how even in the very depths of pain, despair and hurt we continued to love each other.  And how being with your mom, even at age 32, still feels like home.

Anna loves her Nana.  And even when its been months since they've seen each other, she remembers her.  When they meet again Anna always greets her Nana with smiles, full body kicks of glee, and this past visit, with a snuggle hug and a head laid gently on her shoulder.  And Nana loves her Anna.  Anna has given her a new energy, and a genuine happiness I am not sure I've seen since my childhood.

My mom lives far away on the east coast.  Its a long exhausting day of travel for either of us.  But, we've been lucky enough to see each other many times over the past year since Anna's birth.  We've been making that effort because its important to both of us, and most importantly Anna.  

We just spent the past week with Nana and my heart feels full after sharing this time with my daughter and Momma.  We laughed until our bellies hurt and tears were streaming down our faces.  We nourished each other; I nourished her with food (of course) and she nourished me with stories from my babyhood.  And we got to spend time just being together.  This is what I forget when I get caught up in the whirlwind of life.  I forget about slowing down and breathing in the people I love, nourishing them, belly laughing with them and truly enjoying their company.  I am grateful we had this quiet week, three generations strong, to reconnect and pour on the love.


  1. What a wonderful post. My mother lives close by so we see her often and I am always grateful for that. My boys love her dearly and I always feel fortunate for the time we get to spend with her as my husbands family lives back east and we don't really get to see them at all.

  2. What a beautiful post!! I too feel the bond between my mother and my daughter, it's so wonderful. My mom was their when I gave birth and I'm so glad I gave her that joy!! Your so very lucky to have the time that you do with them both!!


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