Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bonus Visit

Do you want to know when and where this picture was taken?  Last Sunday, in the Minneapolis airport.  I don't want to brag or anything...wait, yes I do...I have such an awesome family.  Their devotion never ceases to amaze me.  My sister Sarah pulled her girls out of bed at o'dark thirty on a Sunday morning and my Mama and sister Kellie did the same with themselves, in order to meet Anna and me during a four hour layover.  (I am sure my dad would have been there too if he wasn't in Tanzania volunteering on a mission trip with his he's cool!)

What a treat to see them...a "bonus visit" is what I said to my mama was sad to say good-bye.  Wait... wasn't I on my way back from visiting my mom?  Yes.  I call my biological mom, Momma; and my step-mom, Mama (see the subtle difference in spelling?).  The whole step-mom title just doesn't work for us...she is so much more than a step-mom, she is a mom of my heart.  I am so lucky to have two such devoted and loving mothers in my life.


It was such a treat to get these hours with my sisters, mama, and nieces.  I yearn for a day when we can be nearer to each other, and bonus visits are dinner in the middle of the week rather than a few hours at the airport.  But for now, we'll take what time we can get.  And if its $.75 rides at the airport with coffee and bagels, I'll take that any day.

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