Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keeping Promises

Holding true to my promise last weekend to get out more, and thanks to a good friend who held me to that promise, we headed up the L on Sunday.  Headed up the L?  What ever do I mean by that?  Well, see, Montanans like to put giant letters made out of concrete on their mountainsides, and there is always a trail to hike you up there to get real up close and personal with these vowels and consonants. 

Usually the letter represents the first name of the city it overlooks, but in the L's case it is for Loyola, a local private high school.  We also have a giant M (can you guess what the M represents?) on the mountain just to the right of the L.  I once told an outta towner that the whole alphabet was on the mountains surrounding the Missoula valley.   "See, L and then there's M.  Look around and you'll find the rest of the letters."  Total lie.  We "only" have L and M.

You know what?  I will admit I am a bit out of shape, but hiking up a steep mountain with 20 pounds strapped to my back was hard!  Like, take my breath away,get me off of this mountain, hard!  We made it to the top though, and the view is always worth it.

Huh, I thought I had a better "view" pic than this... 
The Bean, to my total dismay as a mother, appears to be a natural rock climber.  She had no fear tackling that big concrete L and scrambling up as fast as her little legs would carry her.  Don't get me wrong, I want to be supportive and encouraging and excited for Anna to try new things.  But I am terrified of heights and therefore think everyone else should be too.  That said, I am going to promise to do my damndest to always put my own fears aside and allow her to try new things.  I think this is so important for a child...and so I let her climb.

I want to thank my dear friend Jen for getting me out, and also for sharing all these awesome pictures she took during our hike!  Dangit if we didn't get a picture of the three of us...but I suspect there will be more adventures in our future!

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