Thursday, January 26, 2012


Oh, how I love surprises.  I love being surprised.  But, even more than that, I love surprising!  I'd say its along the same lines as the old adage "giving is better than receiving."  Its hard to pull off a real genuine surprise these days, but I did it.  We did it.  My sister and I surprised my Momma with a visit from Anna and me this past weekend.

The story goes like this...My mom had plans to visit Tessa in San Francisco over her birthday this past weekend.  A week before, and half a bottle of wine into a date night, I proposed my crazy idea to my fantastic husband, and he said "GO!".  So, when we got home that night I booked my ticket and then emailed my sister to see if we could crash their weekend.  Backwards I know, but who could say no to this face?

Psst...Maggie!  Quit showing off your kid and get back to the story!

Tessa was all sneaky-ninja-like and told my mom that she had to pick a co-worker up from the airport to get her there.  When I walked through the doors I saw my mom staring with this confused look on her face.  Here's what she was saying:

"Does your friend look like Maggie?" and
"Your friend looks exactly like Maggie!" and finally
"Is that Maggie?"

And then the screaming.  Screaming and smiling and hugging and screaming.  It was perfect.

Moments after the big surprise!
The whole weekend was perfect.  It was filled with love and hugs and snuggles and stories and laughing and food.

I raved about my love of the Ferry Building on my last trip to San Francisco in November.  But this time was even better.  We went on Saturday morning.  Saturday morning equals Ah-Mazing Market!  Gorgeous food.  If I lived anywhere near this market I would be dead broke all the time.

I was able to find all the ingredients for the Spinach, Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tart that I recently made and Saturday night's dinner was born.  And it was a hit.

The sun was shining that morning and we had a delightful breakfast on the pier while Anna took a nap.

Sunday we did a lot of San Franciscan things like: eating sour dough bread at Boudin, gazing at the Golden Gate, getting soaked at Fort Funston, avoiding hang gliders and snuggling Anna.

And then, just like that!  The weekend was over.  It was a quick trip, but every single moment was enjoyed.  Every single moment is ingrained on my heart.  My family fills my heart, and right now my saucer is full. 


  1. Very clever of you and your sister to pull off the surprise and your mother's reaction was priceless. IT' shard to fool moms... good job! San Fransisco is such a wonderful city and it looks like you ladies did it right!

  2. Aw this is so sweet. I love all the personal pictures. Thank you so much for bringing us along. My sis came down for my 19th birthday and surprised me a gazillion years ago. I will never forget it.

  3. It sounds like you had a nice weekend. There's really nothing better than spending time with the ones you love.

    Ps - my mouth literally watered as I read the part about you eating at boudin and then the amazing bread picture. Zack, my dad, a I took a road trip out west over the summer and we went to San Francisco for the first time. Needless to say, I can't believe I lived 20 years without trying Boudin Sourdough. Talk about AMAZING!!

  4. I. LOVE. this. post! What a great surprise! What a fun trip and I'm with you - I'd be broke if I lived near a market like that!

  5. What a wonderful story, Maggie! I'm sure your mom loved the surprise and it will be a memory you'll all treasure forever. Oh, and keep showing off your kid--she is adorable!!

  6. Awww, Maggie! This is such a beautiful post! ( swoon ) The photos are simply precious - but your description of your Mom's reaction melts my heart :) Hugs!

  7. Just a great story! And your daughter is ADORABLE, please, keep showing her off! And the ferry building in San Fran is one of my favorite places ever.

  8. That is the sweetest thing ever! Your mom must've been so happy. I'm glad your surprise was a success. And that sourdough bread looks delicious! It's my favorite flavor of bread.

  9. Oh what a fantastic surprise and what a wonderful husband for not even blinking and sending you on your way :)


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