Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today was a beautiful day in Missoula.  The kind of fall day that makes you believe that summer really isn't going to end and that snow couldn't possibly fly any day.  This is what I love and hate about Missoula.  It teases and taunts with its indecisive weather.

I remember one homecoming about this time a few years back, when Mace and I were hell-bent on riding our bikes down to the homecoming parade.  We had just moved back to town and were excited to be able to throw back a few drinks and not worry about driving.  So we stuck to this plan, even though it was like 10 below.  Biking around town wasn't as fun as we had remembered it that day.

I had a heck of a time getting Anna to nap today.  I had big big plans to enjoy the morning at the Farmer's Market and then have a leisurely day cooking and baking while Anna napped.  Instead she took three 45 minute naps, during which I whirled around the house in a frenzy trying to get dinner ready for our friends coming over at 5:30.  I decided during one of her nap strikes to hit the reset button on our day and we moseyed on down to the park. 

I say moseyed because this gal was along:

Gretta still gets excited to get out of the house with us, but after about two blocks she puts on the breaks.  She typically spends the next two blocks sniffing  random blades of grass with an amazing fervor so that she does not have to walk at my pace.  Or a snail's pace.  Or any pace.  And when we leave the park to head home she knocks it down another notch, just for fun. 

I believe these walks make Gretta happy, which is why I bring her along even though I know what the outcome will be: 10 minutes to walk four blocks to the park, 20 minutes to walk four blocks home.  It is a test of my patience when I just want to get home to tick off all the really important things on my to-do list...and then I breathe.  I stop and enjoy the sway of Anna on my back pointing at the leaves, the birds, the dogs, the other kids.  I enjoy this time with Gretta and slowly tug her along, scratch her ears and praise her for her great job walking.  I take pictures of me and my lil buddy:

This isn't exactly what I want to be doing at this moment, but I'm trying to make it be.  Because I'm with my baby and I'm with my favorite furry friend and its beautiful outside and I am alive and breathing and happy.  So, yeah, actually its okay that we're moseying. 

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