Friday, September 30, 2011

Coffee with Anna

Our mornings are usually crazy.  I always wake up too late and then I whirl around the house something like this...Stare at the closet for 11 minutes as I never have any idea what to wear this time of year because it is 37 degrees in the morning and 87 degrees in the afternoon. Beautify.  Which involves putting mascara on with one hand and holding Anna with the other.  Stare blankly at Anna's closet for 11 minutes because of said dilemma above.  Get Anna dressed.  Head downstairs...Crap, I forgot to make coffee last night.  Crap, I forgot to make lunch last night.  Crap, I forgot to pack all Anna's stuff last night.  CRAAAAAAAP!!!  Gotta go!
BUT--once in a while, I have my act together.  I finish getting us ready, look at the clock and there are 8 precious minutes before we need to leave the house.  These are my very favorite mornings because then I get to have coffee with Anna.  She is usually milling around by my feet in the kitchen in the mornings and on these rare got-it-together days I pour myself a cup of coffee, plop down beside her on the kitchen floor and we chill.  These are the best mornings, and I savor these minutes we have together before we to dance off to our day.  

Happy Friday out there!

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  1. SOOOOOO precious! I want to come over for coffee on the floor with you gals! :) kate


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