Anna Says...

A compilation of all the things this kid says that make me laugh out loud.

July 2013

Anna: Momma, I love being with my sister.
Me: Anna, that is so sweet!
Anna: Let's get another baby!
Me: Sorry, that is never going to happen.
Anna: Oh, okay.  Let's get a dog then!
(Yup, pretty much the same thing)


April 2013

Anna: Momma, I love Jesus.
Me: Oh, Anna that makes me so happy!
Anna: I want to kiss him!  But, I can't because he has a scratchy face.
(Which means a beard, that will scratch her when she kisses him.)


March 2013

When I am leaving for work one day:

"Mama, where are you going?"
"To work."
"Oh, you don't have to go to work, I got monies!"

...reaches into her pocket and pulls out a toy rooster...oh, if only we were still on the bargaining system, child.


I like Auntie Tessa, I want to hold her!


Auntie Zach!! (Zach is, in fact, an uncle)


Looking at my bottle of hair goop:

"Momma, what's that?!"
"Hair goop"
"Awesome!  I'll try it in 5 minutes."



  1. This adds new meaning to writing down the funny things kids say. When Liz was 2 we put a piece of paper on the refrigerator and wrote down all the funny things she said... then I put them in my Christmas letter. She's 22 now and we still laugh about them... like... What's my momma doing with a vacuum cleaner?

    A blog is even more fun. Just don't forget to write them down! they are so fun to read -- even 20 years later.

    1. Thanks Nancy for your kind words! I am already slacking on writing things down, but I am going to start again now! Hope all is well!

  2. I continue to love your blog. Such amazing images and stories. It's masterful the way you braid cooking and life and parenting. So lovely to read!


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